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released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Basement Spaceman Melbourne, Australia

Minimalistic Space Dreampop!

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Track Name: The Loving Time
I don't know about you but I want to pursue the loving time
Baby I can't wait to negotiate, the loving time
The loving time

When I sneak into your house I'll be quiet like a mouse for the loving time
I don't care about the weather baby let's get it together for the loving time
The loving time

We don't need no excuse to cut ourselves loose for the loving time
You need mutual understanding when you're contemplating landing loving time, the loving time.
Track Name: Go Bro
When your head is full of the night
Get out on the highway say goodbye
Dirty town behind you, disappear in your rear mirror now
See the trees surround there's no one there
UFOs or headlights take your pick?
The radio is playing, but you can't hear what they're saying
In between the songs
When you can not see around the bend
Dim your lights let darkness be your friend
Put your foot down to the floor
Speed along come on, come on, go bro
Go bro
Track Name: Smoke Signals
Smile said the button on the side of her bag
That rode on her shoulder as she walked
Drawn from it a compact, eyeliner and a pack of Indonesian cigarettes
Fragrance sweet like candy, floating up and all around her
She’s swaying like an ancient thurible
Under streetlights and cathedrals with their rocket ship steeples
On her way to someplace I can’t say
Every time she lights one up, she sends a message to the starts above
Smoke signals in the night

From the bottom of his glass, he could see her gently pass
As a tiny graceful figurine
He is sitting on the porch where they used to kiss at night
To the music of the cities traffic drone
Every time she lights one up, she sends a message to the stars above
Smoke signals in the night

Was it something that he did that has sent her on her way?
Or maybe something other he’s not sure
Could he find out what it was? Could he put his finger on it?
Could he read her smoke signals in the night?
Every time she lights one up, she sends a message to the starts above
Smoke signals in the night
Track Name: Spaceman
Far out on the edge of the cosmos
Heaven bound and drifting free

Every stone on the ground
Is a planet spinning round and round

Shooting star is like a firework
Black sky and Eltham cold

When you come into my head
I look up high beyond the sky
Track Name: Statues
Storefront windows with statues inside
Dirty rotten alley for the shadows to hide
Pretty friendly ladies at the traffic light
They try to call you over and it’s not even night

Big skyscraper blocks the sun from the sky
Makes me feel dizzy because it’s shinny and high
Can’t see the trees for the concrete around
Baby can I miss you when you’re not in this town?

Hide in St Ambrose cause it’s cool in there
Escape the smell of the piss and beer
Got to get out anyway I can, got to find a way to explain everything.
Can you hear?
Track Name: Clydesdale Tug Of War
Clydesdale tug of war
50 boys maybe more
Horse force on the course
Clydesdale tug of war

Clydesdale tug of war
Come on boys pull some more
Boy power heave ho
Clydesdale don’t let go
Clydesdale tug of war
Track Name: What Was The Name
Sometimes I feel when I watch TV
That every girl is in love with me
But only for three minutes at a time
Every song kind of sounds the same as the one before
But with another name
It’s the same girl but boy can she sing
What was the name of that song?

I dreamt I heard a song on the radio
It sounded so good and it made me go
To a place that I had never been before
I was standing on a hillside looking down
At the sleepy lights of a sleepy town
That I did not recognize at all
What was the name of that town?

When I wake up in the morning from the land of nod
I mumble and moan and I look like a dog
I feel like I have risen from the grave
You see I’m at best real late at night
With an old guitar and a candles light
And a song I love to whisper to myself
What was the name of that song?